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Maternity Photography- Cape Henlopen Delaware State Park Beach Photo Session

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Cape Henlopen State Park has beautiful beaches for Maternity photography and family photography sessions. Consider me your pregnancy photographer! This family of six has been anxious to add another baby to their sweet family for years. Since they love spending time at this beach during the summer they chose Cape Henlopen State Park as their backdrop.

Cape Henlopen Delaware state park photographer Family of 6 planning to welcome member number 7 sitting together on the sandy beach.
Family of 6 at Cape Henlopen State Park Delaware

Below are the future three girls of this family.

Cape Henlopen Delaware state parks beach maternity session shannon ritter photography

I hear so often that moms didn't get maternity photos. Carrying the person that you are going to be madly in love with the second you meet them is something that is over before you know it. Pregnancy changes your body in amazing (and crazy) ways. I am one of those moms and wish that I had taken the time and money for professional maternity portraits. They are photos and memories that I can never get back. My first born was my only pregnancy and if I knew at the time what I know now I would book them for myself. It also makes me sad to think that this is something that my daughter will never have.

The sun started to set and the kids were allowed to "get their feet wet." The kids and I have different opinions of what getting wet feet meant, but everyone laughed and enjoyed the time together.

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