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Maternity & Birth Photography- Dover, Delaware

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

This Bayhealth Kent County, Delaware birth photography moment was a huge highlight for this family! Thankfully, it is becoming more and more common for photographers to be allowed into the operating room for cesarean sections. Please notice the clear curtain so that mom can see her baby. There are actually two curtains. One clear and one blue so that during the delivery mom is able to see her baby enter the world. The blue curtain can be used as desired by the mom.

Baby's mom has delivered four of her children in an operating room. She really had hoped and prayed for a natural delivery so that she could have a birth photographer. However, she shared her desires with her OBGYN and things (lots of things) fell into place.

A huge thank you to Dr. Umobi and the anesthesiologist who helped make this happen! You two are truly making strides in changing the maternal care for women!

Final check before entering the operating room.

Dad heads into the Bayhealth operating room just before his girl cries for the first time!

Her first cries. The first time mom held her. The first time she opened her eyes. Dad talking to his newest girl. Their first selfie. Mom singing a lullaby which instantly calmed her girl.

Healthy. Happy. Loud.

Welcome to the world sweet girl. Your mom waited so long for you!

See her newborn photos here.

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