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Dover, Delaware- Private Home | C, K, & E and their pup

This Dover, Delaware property was the perfect location for a fall family photo session since it has been in the family for generations. First, lets be honest about one year olds. They are so fun! They have their own idea of what is going to happen during a family session. One year olds go where they want to go when they want to. They let you know when you are not doing what they want. Mom and dad chased their sweet little one all over the place! Up the hill and back down. On top of the tree stump and down by the water. I am confident when mom and dad got in the car they were sure that their photo session was a waste of time!

I know when you arrive to your session you have poured your soul into getting everyone ready. Mom's Hair and Make Up were done by the famous Clara Velva @ClaraVelva. Outfits were ordered. Late night FaceTime calls to friends were made. Do you want to know the reason that this session was a success?

Mom and Dad! They kept following their girl around wherever she went. When little miss went down to the water mom and dad joined hands and followed her. Moments later when she wanted to hide behind the bench we all clapped and laughed for her. When she wanted to play with the dog, she played with the dog. When the dog was done playing with her he got to go rest. When E wanted to cuddle her lovie she did!

When I sent this gallery off to mom she responded with "You're a wizard, Harry! You'd never know she was fussy!" Mom and dad just kept playing with their girl and doing whatever she wanted. It made for total perfection.

If you are interested in licensed hair and makeup for your session please check out Clara Velva on Instagram @ClaraVelva (She also did my hair and makeup for my professional headshots.)

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