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What can I bring to my photo session? Hot Chocolate at the Magnolia, Delaware Christmas Tree Farm

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

This mom brought hot chocolate to her family photo session at the Magnolia, Delaware Tree Farm. It made for the most adorable photos and helped warm everyone up too.

Family photos bring dogs shannon ritter photography delaware state park photographer

Clients often ask me, "Can I bring my dog to our photo session?" Of course! Your family includes your pet. When I say "family session," I mean bring your family and of course your furry children too!

Can I bring my own blanket? You bet! I usually bring at least one blanket for your family to sit on if they choose. The blankets are neutral in style and color so it is not distracting. However, if you would like to bring a blanket that is important to you or will compliment your outfits, please do. I bring along a waterproof blanket too that we can put under your blanket to keep you dry and your blanket safe.

Dover Delaware photographer christmas tree farm magnolia

Should I bring snacks? Yes! If all were to go as planned on photo day, you would not dress your kids until you arrive at the session. Everyone would eat their snacks in the car on the way to the location. Then when everyone hops out of the car, we dust off their pants and throw on their top. Since things do not go as planned on picture day, I suggest leaving the snacks in the car as a reward for when we are finished. Snacks easily make a mess on clothing, get stuck in teeth, or spill.

Can we drink hot chocolate during our session? Most definitely. First, we would photograph your family without the drinks. This helps us get great pictures of everyone in their outfit. Once everyone has done a great job with photos, hot chocolate can be offered to everyone as a reward! Also, should the hot chocolate spill, you are guaranteed some great photos. I am not going to lie, when a kiddo spills hot chocolate, it results in super adorable photos. Mom's face is panicked, older siblings start laughing, and dad will try to steal a drink.

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