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Kara's Family | Beach Maternity Session | Dewey Beach, Delaware

Kara was vacationing in Dewey Beach, Delaware with her family and scheduled her family and maternity photos during her stay. Vacationing with your family is an excellent time to schedule your family's photo session. I always advise to schedule your photos early in your stay so that you do not have too much redness from the sun. Kara was pregnant and wanted to document her pregnancy with her family before the arrival of her little miracle. Below you will find some things that Kara did for her session that made it go smoothly!

The first and best thing that Kara did was come to the session relaxed! Yes, bringing your two year old to the beach for someone to photograph her can be intimidating. However, when you have a care-free attitude, the two year old will play along. Kara also filled out the client questionnaire the week before her session. This questionnaire helps guide me so I know what might upset your kiddos or put an extra smile on their face. To put your mind at ease, I have a degree in early childhood education and have taught in special education classrooms. I can't say that I have seen it all, but LOTS and love kids!

Kara also snuck some SECRET snacks into her bag. First, I do not typically recommend bringing snacks to the session. Especially if the kids know about them!

If my kids know that there is a snack they immediately NEED it. Then there is whining and bargaining until I cave. Yes, during a photo session I cave to my kids requests quickly in hopes of avoiding tears and red faces. Snacks can easily make a mess on outfits too! Kids with food in their mouths will look like just that. However, Kara was coming to the beach with her family of three. This meant to get pictures of "just the parents," Kara had packed a blanket that her little one sat on with a small snack.

She stayed and ate her little snack until she was done! And then she joined in on the fun with the parents. I always try to encourage you to allow your kids to be themselves. One day they won't be trying to get in between the two of your anymore and you will miss it.

Let all of the sillies happen! I know its hard. Every year, I schedule my family photos right before the season gets really busy with family photos. It reminds me that what I am asking families to do is a lot!

Kara, thank you for allowing me to chase your little crew around! I look forward to seeing you again when you are at the beach with more kiddos to chase.

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