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Fifer Orchard Maternity Photos | C&K + 2 | Delaware

Fifer Orchard hosted this mom's maternity session! Mom worked for the Fifer family years ago and even got married on the property. For their anniversary, just five short years later, they wanted to go back to where it all started except this time taking their little daughter and the sweetest baby bump. We did pictures on the porch where they had their ceremony, walked through the peach orchard, and finished by the wheat during sunset. And yes, that sun was showing off.

Pregnant mom standing in wheat field holding her baby bump with the sunset behind her.

Photo from the shoulders to the baby bump with wheat grass around the bump.

moms cutrly hair blowing in the wind covering half of her face.

Black and white photo of mom with hand over her face fixing her hair in the wheat field

Sun sitting at the horizon of the wheat field behind mom with baby bump facing to the right.

Dad tossing daugher into the air. Little girl has arms up and her mouth is wide open with excitement.

mom standing in the peach orchard at Fifers looking down at her baby bump.

Mom standing in front of dad. Mom is looking at the camera and dad is holding onto her face with his nose on her cheek bone.

Mom standing in front of peach tree with her 2 year old daughter sitting on her baby bump. Mom and daughter have their lips touching.

Peach trees line each side of the photo with mom standing in the middle of the orchard looking down with one hand on her belly and one hand over her heart.

Dad sitting behind mom on the porch steps of the house where they were married. Young blonde daughter ius standing next to the couple holding onto the handrail.

black and white photo of mom sitting in front of dad on the porch steps. You are able to see the entire house behind them and their duaghter is bringing the dad her fire truck ride on toy.

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