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Liz & John Newborn Photos | Twin Lifestyle | Delaware

Rehoboth Beach proposal clients, turned wedding clients, turned in-home newborn clients. Liz wanted a lifestyle newborn session to cuddle their babies in the home they have created. Sweet Pheobe, the dog, who is not too interested in the babies even got to hang out. Liz chose a lifestyle session because the photos would "include the family with an emphasis on the babies." This is the perfect description of lifestyle photography. Hanging out in your home with the most important people in your life.

Liz and John are my favorite story of 2022. I am sure at this point you have heard the story. Perhaps on Instagram or if you were lucky enough to hear me tell you in person. Kate (not pictured here) hired me to photograph her family while they vacationed in Rehoboth. Kate wanted me to photograph John (pictured here) proposing to her twin sister, Liz. The rest is not history. Not yet anyways.

John and Liz, like many couples, were one of my wedding couples in 2020 that had to change their plans. Their venue was not able to host weddings so they got married in their parents backyard. Their large wedding was put on hold until 2021.

When Liz text me that she was pregnant I was so excited. It was in that text exchange that I got to tell her that she does "everything in twos." TWO BABIES!

One maternity session later, in Rehoboth of course, and the babies were here. (It wasn't that easy for Liz OR John, but that is there story to share.)

Check out another little guy's session here.

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