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Dover Air Force Base Welcome Home Session

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

The Air Mobility Command Museum was the perfect backdrop for the sweet family welcoming home their Daddy after a year long deployment! When I was invited along I expected to see some happy kids and maybe a few tears. What unfolded at the museum made me cry! I photograph a lot of events that I photograph while crying. This was no exception.

Air Mobility Command Museum delaware photo session with her brother.
She thinks she is going to have her picture taken on an air plane.

Little does she know that hiding behind a huge pallet is the man she has waited a year to see!

American flag military family welcome home session dover delawarethat was reunited after dad's year long deployment.
She ran to him and did not let go! His son then ran to him too.

I cry everytime I see this photo. His babies held onto him! They wrapped their arms around him and did not let go.

welcome home military session dover delaware Son cries as his dad hold him and his sister for the first time in a year.
He asked his dad, "Is that really you?!?"

They all talked to each other every night and his son asked him about those call to confirm it was really him.

What I found to be the sweetest thing was how the children literally did not stop holding onto him. From the time they first saw they held onto him in the cutest ways!

Click through the pictures below.

If you are planning a Dover AFB homecoming please connect with The Air Mobility Command Museum. We were fortunate to work with the Operations Manager, Michael Hurlburt and his service to this family was such a blessing!

dover delaware welcome home deployment International R 185 fire truck inside Air Force Air Plane
"A fire truck inside an airplane?"
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