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Top 5 Moments of 2019 Delaware Photographer

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Moment Number 5: The Newark, Delaware Hot Air Balloon proposal with Blair's Ballooning! Jackie was so surprised when her forever got down on one knee. The balloon was lifting and he asked to spend forever with her! She of course said "Yes!"

blairs ballooning wedding proposal hot air tours delawares proposal photographer

Moment Number 4: Greenville Country Club Wedding with Devin Robinson

Read all about how your small town Delaware girl got to photograph a wedding with one of the Top 30 Wedding Photographers in the World!

wilmington delaware groom celebrates wedding greenville country club photographer

Moment Number 3: This Rehoboth Proposal was coordinated by the future bride's twin sister. Their family is totally amazing and I have been blessed to get to know them. I am thrilled to be photographing their wedding this summer as well!!

Moment Number 2: Bayhealth C-Section Birth Story This moment was truly once in a lifetime which makes it hard to imagine that its number two on the list. A little back story, when having a c-section, one person is allowed to accompany the mom into the operating room. That one person is usually the dad or close family member. However, my mom petitioned for months to have a birth photographer document her fifth and final baby. She has always had c-sections and therefore was unable to have a birth photographer document the birth. I am glad that more women are able to advocate with success for themselves especially when it comes to medical care.

Birth photographer at c section delaware birth photographer

This session made me cry huge tears and lots of them. I cry at many sessions! Being up close witnessing love and real emotions is such an honor and I get caught up in them all the time. I was overwhelmed by the things that the children said to their dad that they missed the entire year and the way they held on to him for the entire session. These moments were the most authentic moments of the year. I will continue to cherish the opportunities where I am able to document authentic family moments!

Bring on 2020!

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