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Central Park McLean Style - Virginia

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

McLean's Central Park was the perfect location for this Mommy and Me Session. I used to teach in Fairfax County with this teacher and we have both now have miracles through adoption. We had so much fun talking about life and catching up.

McLean Park mommy and me photo session shannon ritter photography playground session toddler

This playground is perfect for young children that are confident walkers. I was able to photograph her the first time she went down a slide! It was the cutest thing and mom giggled quite a bit too.

Girl is a huge fan of swings! Can you tell!? When we do your consultation we come up with a location that will allow your family to feel comfortable and have some fun.

mclean virginia mommy and me playground session shannon ritter photography

I can not wait to do more playground sessions here soon!

first playground for early walkers mclean virginia photophapher
18 month old experiences her first playground that is perfectly appropriate for her age!

Best playground for toddlers Northern VA McLean Virginia shannon ritter photography
This low to the ground, created for toddlers was the first playground my daughter could climb on.

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