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Why to Wear a Dress to Your Family Photo Session - Killens Pond State Park- Delaware

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

This mom wore an adorable dress to her Killens Pond State Park Family Session. It reminded me why I love dresses in photos.

wear a dress killens pond fall photographer shannon ritter photography

1. Dresses move so elegantly. When you are walking around the park with your family, the dress will add dimension to your photos. You can hold onto it to bring it up a little or you can make it look as if it is blowing in the wind. It moves with each step you take.

wear a dress to photos delaware state parks shannon ritter photography

2. Dresses are fancy. Here is a little secret- dresses almost always means it's laundry day for me. The best part about a dress is that I only have to pick one item from my closet. Not which shirt matches with these pants, then shoes, a belt, a layer in case I get cold, etc. I wear dresses and even when its' the most simple everyday dress, I always get questions about where I am going. "Why are you dressed up?" and "Where are you going?" People associate dresses with fanciness. (And yes, I totally believe that you can dress up in a pair of jeans.)

wear a dress to photo session delaware state park photographer shannon ritter

3. Dresses to flatter your figure. Dresses are very flattering. A quick search on Pinterest will help you identify what your body type is (there are three main types, but you know Pinterest has a list of ten too.) Once you know your body type, it will suggest dresses or even styles.

sunset photo session killens pond state park delaware photographer
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