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Why in-home Newborn Photos - Milton, DE

In-home newborn sessions are popular because they cater to the new mom and baby. Birthing a baby is no easy experience. Although totally overjoyed, it really leaves your body and mind exhausted... plus a baby to care for.

I offer travel to your home services with lots of props to make sessions easy. We discuss what you like ahead of time, your interests, even dad's interests/occupation and then I bring several options! In my newborn guide, I joke that I am bringing my entire house with me. My clients are still always a little surprised with the options I bring even though I mention it will be a carload.

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Vintage Detecto Baby Scale - Newborn Photo Prop

Leave the heavy lifting to me at a time when you need as much rest as possible!

During our time together, I have had moms nap, shower, put on make up to jump into a photo, or lay in their bed. All of these are easy options in your home! Not to mention if you forget a pacifier, diaper, blanket, outfit, or burp cloth.

Newborn sessions happen within the first two week of your baby's life. This can be a difficult time to travel or even leave the house. (Reminder booking a newborn session is usually done when you are in your second trimester. You want to be on my schedule so that I am not booked when you contact me.)

When you arrive home, or sometimes when you are still in the hospital, your family will contact me. From there we set up a date and time. Newborns are the most flexible and sleepy in the first two weeks of life which helps for a smooth photo session.

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