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Why I do my family photos in September.

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Every year, as an east coast photographer, I purposely schedule my own family’s photography session for September! What is so special about September for me? Here is the run down. It really all comes down to YOU!

Killens Pond State Park paddle boat floating dock family photo
Photographer mom's favorite photo: youngest daughter has her tongue sticking out while everyone else is turned away from the camera.

Each September, I have scheduled a new hair color refresh and cut. My hair and makeup girl Tara and I go on a road trip to get eyelashes, new foundation and sparkly things. (That’s why I have her help me!). Then I shop for outfits for everyone. Usually my first shopping attempt results in more shopping. I pull things from our closets and make sure they are stain free. I almost always buy a new bra too- got to have the girls as far north as possible!

killens pond state park delaware why shannon ritter does her family photos in september
Daughters are surprised by mom's humor.

The day of, I start early in the day, finding the necklace and jewelry I plan to wear. Ironing is next! Everything gets ironed. Everything! Usually I get my nails done once everything is ironed and on hangers. Once I am home my girl Tara gets started on my hair and face. During this time, I am reminding my kids to eat and brush their teeth. I usually set each of my daughters down in front of me to do their hair while mine is getting curled. More loud reminders to my husband. "Do not put your shirt on until we get to the location, P L E A S E!" My husband is in charge of packing snacks and water for the car ride. I confirm everyone has their shoes by the door. No, I don't do my kids nails because it’s just one more thing that could get messed up. I don’t know how long all of this takes but I know once it’s done I jump in my clothes and we run out the door!

So why September? I schedule all of this in September because I want it to be fresh on my mind how much time YOU spend getting ready for your photography session.

delaware state park photographer does fall photo session

When you schedule your photography session with me I know what you are taking on. You have coordinated lots of chaos! When you arrive, I know the minimum of what you have just done to get everyone ready. It might have even required wrestling a dinosaur or two. Bribed someone or all of them! And raised your voice about most things. I promise I have just done all of these things too! Be assured when you park that car the easiest part is starting. The work has been done! Now for some laughter and fun.

I will always do my photos in September just before you bring your family to me! Always knowing how much you have done before you even arrive is my goal.

I am honored that you put so much work into getting everyone cute! I cherish watching your kids grow up in front of my camera. Thank you for all of your hard work!! A million times!

Always a huge thank you to the famous Abby Shepard Photography for the perfect photos!

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