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Top 5 Moments of 2020 | Shannon Ritter Photography

Moment Number 5: Big Chill Beach Club's summer wedding with Make My Day Events and Styled.

Moment Number 4: Rehoboth Beach Marriage Proposal

Newly engaged couple stands on the Rehoboth boardwalk with the iconic Dolles sign which has been in this locations for decades.
Someone please tell me why the Dolles sign is going to be removed?

Moment Number 3: Delaware State Park Wedding

This couple is delightful and they encountered a wedding vendor that went out of business. This means they lost their money and also had to find a new venue all during a pandemic. I was so honored to be a small part of their day.

Moment Number 2: Photography Sessions in 2020.

I know this isn't a moment; however, all of my photography work this year was more meaningful to each couple and family as well as to MY family! For a moment it seemed like I might not be able to photograph weddings, births, or families indefinitely in 2020. Thankfully all of my 2020 couples were able to be married! Lots and lots of their plans changed. I have a great admiration for their resilience and desire to be married. Some have larger weddings planned this coming year and I am looking forward to them. Click each photo to see more of each event.

Michele Roth Bridal Gown Christmas Themed Wedding
Mt. Vernon Inn Christmas Wedding
Rosewood Farm Fall Wedding
bride and groom on Delaware's beaches getting married surrounded by family and friends in the sand.
Big Chill Beach Club Wedding

wedding dress hangind in the cedar closet in the background. The foreground has a wedding veil and Jessica Simpon shoes on the bridal couch.
Fall Wedding at Rosewood Farms
Bride and groom outside by stone wall. Bride is wearing a faux fur shaw over her shoulders while her groom is hugging her around her waist.
Christman Wedding at The Farm Bakery and Events
Husband and wife married for 40 years is dressed in wedding dress and casual wedding suit in their front yard laughing and walking.
Houston couple celebrates their 40th wedding anniversary with family and 40 written memories.

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