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Rehoboth Beach, Delaware : Funland Joe's Proposal

Delaware's Rehoboth Beach was the perfect backdrop for Joe's surprise marriage proposal. Just outside Funland, Joe asked for forever on the sandy beach. She said "Yes!" and "Thank you!" (How sweet is the thank you!?) Funland was over the top with their hospitality! They helped us navigate a photo near the carousel and even took this sweet couple up to the roof top.

While they were eating dinner, I was set up on the beach. Joe was even able to sneak a text to me that he could see me from their table! I make sure that I am very easy to spot so Joe knew I was ready. They entered the beach for a little walk.

In a nice open area, on the Rehoboth sand, he asked to marry her.

Her delight was so sweet and sincere.

They went for a short walk on the beach to chat before we did portraits.

Of course a Dolles picture, with masked families all around.

We then headed to FUNLAND! We were expecting to get one or two quick photos, but COVID had better plans! Lets be honest, COVID is not getting many great reviews, but on this day it helped us. We headed to Funland for our Carousel picture and before we knew it we were ROOFTOP! Yes, we got such a unique view of the rides, lights and excitement!

Congratulations to the start of your forever!

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