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Devan's Delaware State Park Wedding Felton, Delaware

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Delaware's State Parks have great wedding venues with gorgeous backdrops for your day. The Killens Pond Nature Center was an intimate outdoor (rain proof) wedding space for Devan and Jon. The two large patios hosted the ceremony on one side and reception on the other. This venue offered a socially distanced wedding with lots of fresh air and scenery. The Pond offered a beautiful backdrop behind the couple as they said their vows to love each other forever in the company of family and friends.

Do you know where this is?

The groom helped fix his bride's gorgeous shoe and cared for her needs throughout the rest of the day. This love will follow them for all the years to come.

Part of my wedding services include helping with the timeline for your photos. This couple had a very tight schedule so we were purposeful with every moment.

I will forever remember the bride's dad telling his future son-in-law, "You better love her as much as I do." I have chills thinking about it.

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