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Rehoboth Beach Marriage Proposal Delaware Proposal Photographer

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Rehoboth vacationing family fakes family portraits to capture the proposal. Surprising her with a proposal was a priority. In order to make this happen they scheduled everyone to meet at the beach for a family portrait.

As I was getting everyone grouped together I asked these two if they were a couple. Of course everyone quickly answered that they were. After all that is why we were all there!

I snapped a few photos with everyone and then pulled these two off by themselves.

She questioned me as to why I was taking them for portraits. Fair question. During family portrait sessions I pull all different groups (siblings, parents, spouses, etc.) for photos and assured her this was normal.

They stood back to back and he flashed the ring box! Then the big moment.

She of course said "Yes!" Their family cheered from afar and was able to congratulate them almost immediately.

Her dad being there to congratulate her was simply the cutest. How he looks at her!

It made me cry!

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