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In Home Newborn Photographer | Magnolia, Delaware | Kent County

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Delaware in home newborn sessions, by Shannon Ritter, are designed for mom. Newborn photos happen in the first two weeks of baby's life. (Sessions are usually booked at least three months in advance. More on this below.) Bringing a baby home from the hospital, when you are recovering (and by recovering I mean trying to walk) you need to do as little as possible. Newborn Wrap Sessions are designed to be in your home so you are able to sit and rest! You should be holding the baby and things that bring you joy. I bring an entire car load of baskets, bowls, blankets, wraps, and hats and/or bows. This means you are able to sit and rest. Moms doing get notice that baby is going to make an entrance into this world. This means the house is not as clean as you usually keep it. It should mean that you left the house like you were evacuating.

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Newborn Dover, Delaware In Home Session

Newborn Sessions are done in the first two weeks of life because this is when babies are the most flexible. Flexibility is important when posing your baby. They have been curled up in the womb and being moved into different positions is safe. Babies are also the most sleepy when they are two weeks new. Sleepy is how we want the baby during the session. Should you be stressed about them not sleeping...NO! This is a worry that I have heard from all parents. Trust me, it is going to work out! Another reason is that babies eyes can be tricky. Sometimes you can get them to follow light and other times their little eyes do exactly what they want.

Your little squish leads the entire session and they might even squish themselves while being photographed. This means that we will have to stop to feed, change diapers, cuddle, and anything else that the little one wants to do. Newborn sessions are created with all of these things taken into account of the time. This is why you should expect me to be at your house for three hours. Does this mean that some sessions are shorter yes! It also means that some sessions are longer than three hours. All of this is expected!

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Sweet sleeping photos. During our consultation this mom discussed what was important to her and mentioned about her other daughter's newborn session. This mom located (after our consult) and packed this headband that her sister wore at her newborn photos. This is a sweet way to incorporate big sister and items that both girls will get to enjoy.

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Upon booking, we discuss the nursery, colors, and meaningful items that you want incorporated into the session. This mom literally grabbed a shirt during the session to get into a few photos with her girl. And yes, we work to photograph you from the waist up because we know that at two weeks after birth you will not look like you did before baby. You will get there but it does take time.

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