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National Engagement Day Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Proposal

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

One simple and easy thing to do for your proposal even if you aren't on a Delaware Beach.

Rehoboth Beach Delawares proposal photographer shannon ritter photography

The beach erupted with cheers for this couple. It could not have been cuter!

She was so surprised and had so many questions to figure out how it all went down without her knowing. Her friends even hosted an engagement party immediately following the proposal.

Here is my advice for your proposal.

Be yourself!

If a photographer joins you for the proposal, do what feels right. Enjoy the moment! If you want some space to hang out in the moment, do it! If you want to meet your friends who are awaiting your arrival, do it. If you want to call your Granny and listen to her talk about her recent colonoscopy before you can share (this is what happened to us), do it! Just be quick with the news!

Remember that the photographer is there to tell YOUR story. It will unfold naturally so enjoy it!

Rehoboth Beach Proposal Photographer vacation delaware beaches
This proposal was truly a surprise! His fiance had so many logistic questions as they walked down the streets of Rehoboth Beach.

Delaware beachesproposal photographer boardwalk dolles

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