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Hot Air Balloon Proposal - Newark, Delaware

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Blair's Ballooning, located in Newark, Delaware, made the most beautiful moment EPIC! Ken planned the perfect proposal and it went off without a hitch!

Man is on one knee asking for forever right before they take a hot air balloon with Blair's Ballooning.
She said "YES!"

The couple arrived and I asked if they were willing to participate in some marketing photos that we were working on. It was the perfect cover story for why the photographer was there. Below you will see our very cute "marketing photos!"

Hot air balloon inflating while couple awaiting their ride.  Little does the girl know he is about to propose to her.
She has no idea he is going to ask her to marry him!

As the hot air balloon lifted into the air, Ken got down on his knee and asked the question. The surprise was real! She was shocked and it showed.

Future bride holding her face in her future husands arms with hot air balloon in the immediate background.
She was surprised!

After she said yes, they hopped into the hot air balloon and floated into the sky. What a fun bucket list item you can cross off right here in Delaware!

Congratulations to such a sweet couple that will spend forever together!

Check out Charles at Blair's Balloon for the best all around customer experience!

Did I mention I was able to ride with the chase crew!?! It was a huge highlight for me.

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