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Why A Tween Session? | Annapolis, MD

This Annapolis tween portrait session, and future Shannon Ritter Photography student, came ready for her turn in the spot light.

Middle school is tough. It is when you start to become an adult. Hopefully, they watch CNN10 for their current events and not TikTok. They start to spend more time with their friends and less with the 'rents. Tweens have learned the rules and are ready to apply them to the real world. Perhaps their sense of style has developed too.

Helping your kid see what you see everyday is the greatest benefit of a tween session. It tells them they matter and are loved as they navigate new friendships and boundaries. They will see that you value them, their beauty and they will be able to see it too.

This session was done in her family's yard! Isn't the home where we feel most comfortable! Yes, the photo below is where she will hopefully walk to meet up with her friends or perhaps in September to the bus.

A tween session can help your kiddo see what you see everyday! It is a time that they can show off their talents or interests.

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