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When to Schedule Maternity Photos | Holly's Potomac, Maryland Session

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

This Potomac, Maryland Maternity Session was scheduled three months prior to her session. Once you make the baby announcement you want to reach out about scheduling. It may seem a little crazy to reach out so early; however, the sooner the better. This allows you plenty of time to think about where you want to be photographed as well as what you want to wear. You will quickly become busy with preparing a nursery, a baby registry, perhaps a shower or two, and maybe chasing a promoted sibling. Here are a few more reasons to reach out early!

Schedule for your seventh month of pregnancy. There is not a set rule that says you need to be photographed in your seventh month of pregnancy. You can absolutely be photographed earlier or later! As your pregnancy progresses you may start to retain more water. Sometimes expecting moms have a harder time sleeping later in the third trimester. You might even find it hard to tie your shoes(I had that trouble). So scheduling your photos earlier in the third trimester is recommended.

Weekend sessions book the fastest. If you know you need a Saturday, those dates are always booked first. Sunday sessions fill next. This session was booked and we needed to take into account the holiday season as well as possible cold temperatures.

Sometimes things don't go as planned. My clients are my priority! When I book clients I ensure I am able to accommodate a make up session if we have to reschedule (due to weather.) For example, if you only have one coordinating day off with your partner and we have to reschedule a few weeks out we still have flexibility in your third trimester.

What if I didn't reach out yet? Here is the contact button to do so!

I work really hard to accommodate your family and try to tweak my schedule as much as I can. Every once in a while I will have a last minute opening or can squeeze you in with another session that is already scheduled. So definitely reach out!

This mom booked both her maternity and newborn session together so that she received a promotional print offer. Check out the newborn session here.

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