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Holly's In Home Newborn Session | Potomac, Maryland

In home newborn sessions, in Maryland and Delaware, are the easiest thing you can do with a newborn. I bring everything to your home. This includes bowls, blankets, wraps, hats and bows, a heater and lighting. (And my cameras of course.) Your body is healing, you are exhausted, and feeding a baby is work! Sessions with me are set up to be easy. No need to clean or get dressed. Really, I have brought two babies home and photographed many newborns. I have seen it all, promise! Please make yourself a cup of coffee or rest your head while under a blanket.

Every parent has told me when their session is over, that they were so worried their baby wouldn't sleep. Knock on wood, I use the best tools in the industry to get your new miracle to sleep. They may not sleep the entire time and they may need diaper changes and feedings, but they will sleep. And babies are super adorable when their eyes are open too!

We discussed ahead of time the colors of wraps I would bring to the session. For this session we brought neutrals of white, cream, and gray and wraps in pink, peach, and purples. The photo above is a deep plum wrap and matching hat with baby laying on white.

Baby's squishy little cheeks needed to be documented! Corresponding headbands come to the session for girls as well.

She also had a little nap cozied up here.

If you are considering newborn photography for your little one, please keep in mind that you need to be on my schedule before delivery. Newborns are photographed in the first two weeks of their life. This is due to their sleep habits and their physical flexibility. Holly scheduled her maternity session and newborn session together to get a promotion. Of course she didn't pick a date for this session until after she was home from the delivery.

Check out the maternity session here.

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