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Wedding Day Details | Do you photograph them? Why don't we see detail photos?

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Yes, I photograph your wedding day details! I believe that your wedding day is about your love story and how it unfolds in front of your family and friends. Capturing your mom crying as your dad walks you down the aisle, you laughing with your friends, your dad whispering in your ear, the groomsmen being silly, your grandmother kissing both you and your groom, and maybe the ring bearer picking his nose is what your day is really about. These photos will recreate moments and flood you with emotions for years to come. That is the power of photography.

With that said, I know that you spend lots of time researching the style and decor you want to have on your wedding day. You also spend lots of your hard earned money on the florals, jewelry, invitations, and more. Usually the first thing that I photograph on your wedding day are these details. They are important and often have significant meaning.

Here are detail photos from Big Chill Beach Club's summer wedding, Rosewood Farm's Fall wedding, and The Farm Bakery's Christmas wedding.

Big Chill Beach Club | Dewey Beach | Make My Day Event Planning | Styled

Rosewood Farm | Elkton, Maryland | November

The Farm Bakery and Events | Quakertown, Pennsylvania | Christmas Wedding

We will discuss your details during your phone consultation to ensure that I know what details are the most important to you. Your wedding day timeline will identify the time of these photos. They will be edited and added to your wedding photo gallery.

The moments of your day are photographed with purpose so that you remember who cheered you on, who shed tears of joy, and those who danced their hearts out.

See more of these weddings here.

Big Chill Beach Club

Rosewood Farm

The Farm Bakery

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