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It's Like Rain on Your Wedding Day | Rachel Green & Corey | Sands Hotel | Rehoboth & St. Edmonds Church

Updated: Apr 4

Rewind from this picture one week. Rachel wanted to have ALL of the formal wedding portraits so when she saw that the forecast was calling for rain she was so frustrated at what might be lost. She had scheduled 2 hours of portraits so that she would have portraits in a garden, by the beach, on the boardwalk, and lots of portraits with her wedding party. The thought of rain after planning her wedding for two years was definitely devastating!

First, I promised Rachel that the weather is the least accurate a week in advance. We also discussed the idea of not checking the weather anymore. Then we put a plan in place.

Should there be terrible rain, I would have some indoor options.

We also talked about the 12 clear rain umbrellas that I would be bringing and would have should we need them.

And the absolute worst case scenario would be that she absorbs all of the days goodness and we go back out on a different day with sunshine and take all the portraits her heart desired. So when I walked up to the church on this gloriously beautiful sunshiny day I felt like her dad was shining brightly with that sunshine. There may have been some misty rain drops during portraits which were short lived and didn't impact the time for photos.

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