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The Best Thing to do at Family Photos |Wolfe Family | Rehoboth Beach Vacation

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Rehoboth Beach vacationers, after waiting out the COVID pandemic, finally were able to be photographed on their favorite beach off of Virginia Ave. Little man was not a fan of sitting with the family on the beach. This happens all of the time! When I tell you that sessions are "child led" this is exactly what I mean. He wanted to chase birds and that is what we did! Chasing the birds resulted in all the smiles from everyone. The best thing you can do for family photos is show up relaxed. Parents that allow their kids to lead the session end up with the best photos! Sure we could have tried and tried to convince little man to sit on the beach with the family. Or we could capitalize on what he wanted to do! The photos based on his plans are perfection. Mom and dad rolling with his plans resulted in all the fun and authentic smiles.

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