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Cape Henlopen Park Photographer| 35th Anniversary with Grand Baby

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Cape Henlopen State Park hosted Delaware's Dewey Beach vacationers, for a photography session gifted to the grandparents in celebration of 35 years of marriage. They had their children and their newest granddaughter on the beach to enjoy the sunset. The littlest one was not a fan of the cold water but you would not know it from all of her smiles. Of this 40 minute session, baby was happy for 35 minutes of it. She was given little breaks and got all of the cuddles in between photos.

Sessions with babies sometimes include a moment of fussiness from someone; however, my sessions are designed with baby in mind. When someone (even an adult) has a meltdown I pivot to a groupings with happy members. Sessions are started with the entire group including the happy baby. From there small groupings are done and allow for cuddle breaks. Below you see when baby is happy.

When baby (or dad) needs a break we switch to a different grouping with different people. I switched to photographing baby's mom and dad. Then I photographed the grandparents who were celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary. Then baby was all smiles and we got a few more grouping combinations with her.

When baby is happy again we got even more photos of her.

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