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She Said Yes! | Grain on the Rocks | Lewes Marriage Proposal

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Grain on the Rocks, at the Lewes Ferry Terminal, was the backdrop to where Tom was photographed asking to spend forever with his girl. Kaitlyn, Lauren's best friend since elementary school, hired us to photograph the proposal on the pier. The nice thing about Kaitlyn being the contact person was we didn't have to worry about messages being seen. Kaitlyn got Tom and Lauren to Grain for dinner and posed outside for a few cute photos. This is when Tom got down on his knee.

It may have been cool with a few rain drops but Lauren's immediate yes, complete surprise and jumping up and down with excitement made it all worth while. She was definitely surprised when he got down on his knee!

There was lots and lots of jumping!

Her friends were there to take the "cute photos" and celebrate with her!

Their families arrived shortly after to share in the life changing moment.

She said "Yes!" Nearly ten years ago they met in 8th grade. They have talked nearly everyday since. They took some time off to grow up while Tom joined the Marines and Lauren attended University. "I truly believe he is the missing piece to my puzzle. He is the kindest and most selfless person I have ever met to this day and I can without a doubt say I have never been this happy." said, Lauren.

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