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Klay & Ashlee | Surprise Marriage Proposal | She Said Yes!

A surprise marriage proposal, during a scheduled photo session with Shannon Ritter Photography, was a shock only to Ashlee. Klay and Shannon had spoken about the proposal and how it would all go down. As one of the many pose prompts, Klay and Ashlee stood back to back. This allowed Klay a split second to flash the ring to the camera. He then got down on his knee and asked Ashlee to turn around.

Below, you see them holding hands and laughing just before he was on his knee.

She had so many questions. He had been hiding the ring for months and moving it from place to place to ensure it remained a secret. "Who knew?" "Where was it hidden?" "How did I not know?"

Each proposal is planned differently. Some guys have the plan laid out from start to finish. Others have a location or date selected. However, I have had many friends hire me to photograph their friends as they officially start forever together.

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