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L&K Rehoboth Proposal | Delaware's Proposal Photographer

Delaware's proposal photographer, Shannon Ritter, hid in their Rehoboth property's trees while L&K walked back home from their beach front dinner. This marriage proposal was planned weeks in advance, which allowed L to select the exact date that he wanted. Friends and family flew in from across the country, as a surprise, to share in the celebration and excitement of the proposal. The couple walked down Munson Street after dinner while I waited behind a large tree. He opened the white picket fence for her and tossed his umbrella in the bushes. She continued up to the door of the house only to realize he was not close behind.

Above: See his umbrella in the bushes near the gate? It had rained off and on all day, but no rain during his proposal.

Below: This was the first photo I took when I arrived to the house. K's mom and friends made a quick appearance on the porch before the couple arrived. Please also notice that a friend is placing her phone on the step in hopes of capturing the moment.

I was very careful to be hiding in the bushes where I would not be spotted. When L and I spoke ahead of time, he said that I could come out of hiding once he proposed. I did just that. I stayed hidden until he was down on his knee. However, she didn't notice that I was photographing the two of them until she was headed inside.

Each and every proposal is planned differently. I have sat with a red wagon on the beach so the man proposing could see me from where he was eating dinner. Friends have planned and set everything up so that nothing is suspicious. I even spoke to the neighbors so that they would know why I was lurking behind the tree.

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