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Kate & Billy | Zelky's Boardwalk Arcade Wedding After-Party | Salero Rehoboth, Delaware |

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Rehoboth's Salero in the Henlopen Hotel provided a Delaware beach wedding ceremony venue as well as an indoor reception with bar service. The Jolly Trolley added to the beach setting taking the bride and groom, as well as their bridal party, to the beach. Kate and Billy were married in front of their closest family and friends in the sand. DJ Bump brought guests to the dance floor and kept them celebrating throughout the reception. No beach trip would be complete without a trip to Zelky's Boardwalk Arcade and the stop was a must have for the bride and groom. Their bridal party and family walked down the boardwalk for all the games and fun.

Couples often tell me that they are not going to do a first look. "It goes against tradition." That is absolutely a choice couples can make; however, I ask them if they know why couples choose to see each other before their wedding. This couple chose one of the sweetest reasons ever!

Billy and Kate wanted to share their vows privately, just the two of them without distractions or cameras. They may have cried - no one knows. They loved having a quiet moment just the two of them privately sharing how they will love each other wonderfully for all of the years to come.

After their first look, they did portraits with their favorite baby, Butters. Then they boarded the Jolley Trolley that took them over to Rehoboth. Upon arriving, they enjoyed portraits with the trolley and a few with their bridal party. The wind tried to impact their portraits so we chose a spot that would block the wind as much as possible.

Kate and Billy headed down the boardwalk to Zelky's for skee ball, basketball and all the fun! Yes, there was air hockey too. Their bridal party and family came along to join the fun.

Couples creating an authentic day full of their fun is the perfect addition to a wedding day. If I could photograph every couple at their favorite place post reception I would be the happiest photographer in the world!

See their complete beach wedding gallery here. Please be sure to notice the temporary tattoos of the groom's face that guests adorned (even on their necks.)

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