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Camp Poh'Tik Wedding Weekend | Rayna & Andrew

Updated: Apr 4

Rayna and Andrew had a wedding weekend at Monkton's Camp Poh'Tuk, where they enjoyed the entire weekend all in one place. Their guests were able to spend the weekend onsite as well enjoying all of the amenities and of course ultimate Frisbee.

Andrew and Rayna met during the summer of 2018 playing ultimate Frisbee in Wilmington, Delaware. Their first 'date' was during Halloween weekend where they attended the Trolley Square Halloween Loop which resulted in quite a memorable story! 'Date' is in quotations because it was supposed to be a group hangout but Rayna never told Andrew that no one else was going to make it that night. Andrew and Rayna began dating shortly after that which is when Andrew met Sulley, the best pup in the whole world of course! . They started hanging out more and more and he knew he had found the one. During the pandemic Andrew and Rayna spent a lot of time together going to Delaware State Parks with Sulley and disc golfing every weekend. They enjoyed traveling together around the country to visit friends and family (FL, TN, WI, OH, LA, Vegas, Great Falls, Traverse City, NOLA, NYC, PNW, among many others!). Andrew proposed to Rayna at Brandywine Creek State Park on June 10th during sunset. He brought Sulley along as they normally do when visiting the park. They spend a lot of time at Brandywine Creek, hiking with Sulley (ask about him falling off a log into a river being the bravest boy ever), sledding down the hills in the winter, playing disc golf in the summer, and hopefully making many more memories in the future there.

Alexis, Ren & Co., was amazing with coordinating details from large to small and keeping the day running smoothly. Alexis truly knew the timeline, helped getting the details ready, and assisted with urgent needs throughout the day. She truly made Rayna & Andrew's Pinterest board wedding come to life.

Venue: Camp Poh'Tuk Monkton Maryland

Wedding Coordinator: Ren & Co.

Crow Entertainment - Dj aAron

Caterors & Bartenders Beck N' Call

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