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Intimate Wedding | Elizabeth & Trevin and their Fur Babies

Elizabeth and Trevin were married on February 17th at Fairfax Presbyterian Church followed by dinner with their family and Pastor Brinton at L'Auberge Chez Francois. The best benefit of having a small family affair is that you are able to spoil your guests! They are also able to spoil you. When Trevin and Elizabeth exited the church immediately following their ceremony they were able to spend time being greeted by all of their excited guests. Both her mom, new mother in law, and both of her grandmothers were able to celebrate Elizabeth while she wore a veil which both her mom and grandmother wore when they were married.

When you celebrate your wedding at L'Auberge Chez Francois, be prepared to cut the wedding cake and share one piece of cake on the same fork. I don't know if this is customary but it surely was a sweet detail.

Elizabeth also had a purse, pictured below, that was made from her mom Julie's wedding dress. My favorite part of the purse was that it was featuring two parts of her moms dress that were a little different.

One of the delightful benefits of having an intimate wedding is the opportunity to include your beloved dogs in the celebration, even in a church setting. In charming Lewes, Delaware, many churches and venues are increasingly accommodating pets, allowing couples to share their special day with their furry family members. As a wedding photographer, I’ve captured countless heartwarming moments of couples walking down the aisle with their dogs, adding a unique and personal touch to the ceremony. The quaint, picturesque backdrop of Lewes, with its historic architecture and serene coastal beauty, provides the perfect setting for these unforgettable memories. Bringing your dogs not only enhances the emotional significance of your wedding but also creates beautiful, candid photo opportunities that you'll cherish forever.

As your wedding photographer, I thrive on capturing the unique elements that make your wedding day truly personal. From the uniqueness of your church architecture, to your dogs being excited (well maybe one of the two were excited,) your Disney wedding dress and hand made programs all make your celebration YOURS.

Review of Shannon Ritter Photography From the Bride:  The quality of our photos exceeded our expectations. Shannon arrived ready and prepared for your wedding day and this helped us keep to our wedding timeline. Our wedding day photos included photos of things we didn't remember happening. We received our photos BEFORE we expected to. She hand edited every photo and we got so many sneak peak photos. She also didn’t make us pose for weird unnatural photos that we didn’t want to take.

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