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Engagement Session | Love Can't Be Canceled | Killen's Pond State Park | Sam & Ben

COVID-19 has pushed their wedding back, but Sam and Ben's love CAN'T be canceled by a global pandemic. Here is what I know; love is NOT canceled! These two are still best friends! They will still get married! Everyone will be so excited to celebrate with them!

These two will have a crazy addition to their wedding planning story to tell their grandkids. Having been part of many weddings, I am confident your day will exceed your expectations! It will be better than you ever imagined.

Your Granny will be excited to see you share your commitment with God, while your family and friends shed tears. Your parents will be thrilled to watch you start your life together. Your nieces and nephews will be ecstatic to see you all dressed up (and a bit bored by your ceremony.) Your friends will yell and scream when you are pronounced husband and wife. Yes, these things are delayed and it's super disappointing, annoying and most other negative adjectives! However, when your day gets here it will be just as amazing! Every bride and groom, I have worked with, have enjoyed the magic of their day even more than they thought possible!

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