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Dilworth Park Wedding Venue | Center City Philadelphia | Kelsey & Mark

Dilworth Park, in Center City Philadelphia, is a stunning fall wedding venue. Dilworth Park's iconic fountains are specially programed for your wedding as guests sit between. This means guests will be surprised during your first kiss with some extra magic. This venue is among the most aesthetically pleasing wedding venues in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Warwick Hotel Rittenhouse Square is just three blocks from Center City, where Kelsey got ready in a beautiful suite. The Warwick Hotel Rittenhouse Square was also the host of their reception.

Kesley and Mark both got ready, in separate suites, at the Warwick Hotel which is 5 minutes from Center City. The suite offered excellent lighting for portraits and getting ready photos.

You might have read about photographers referencing "in between moments." (If you haven't, keep reading.) In between moments are things that are happening in between things on your DRAFTJS_BLOCK_KEY:4s73b#weddingPhotographerPhiladelphiaphoto is Kelsey rushing down the hallway to her first look with her dad. If you look closely she is checking her phone while she walked. Kelsey had a quick first look with her dad in front of the Warwick Hotel Rittenhouse Square. While we were waiting for transportation to Dilworth Park these next portraits happened. Kelsey mentioned she would like a picture with the American flag. We then walked a few steps across the street while the ride was literally coming down the street to pick her up. These are the in between details on your timeline that are unplanned and make an impact.

Those last five photos were all unplanned moments while waiting for transportation.

Next up, time to get married. One of my favorite things that the couple planned with DJ Lennox was to have each member of the bridal party walk down the aisle to a different song.

This next photo is one of my all time favorites! Dilworth Park makes magic with their fountains when the couple celebrates with their first kiss. Notice the guests. The couple has just shared their first kiss and the fountains shoot up.

While we are here let's talk about two wedding trends. Couples are asking photographers for this perspective of their wedding. This is one perspective that shows you with your guests on your day. (The Dilworth Park lettering at the couples feet adds a timeless detail.) We can discuss this during your wedding planning call. Usually this is a perspective that a second photographer will take. Also, please notice that the officiant has stepped to the side for the couples first kiss. On your wedding day, I will speak to your officiant and remind them that we would like them to step out of the first kiss photo. This helps from having their face (or eyes) in your photo.

A special thank you to:

Reception: The Warwick Hotel Rittenhouse Square

Ceremony: Dilworth Park Center City

Music: Dj Lennox

Bridal Gown:Claire's Fashions

Florals: Flower Girl Florist

Hair: Hair By Leesha

Make Up: Kelle Hover

Cake: Bredenbecks Bakery

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