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Bally Spring Inn | Danielle & Peter Parker |

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Danielle has been "dreaming of this day since I was five" and her Priest, from St. Philip Neri's Catholic Parish, even mentioned it during her ceremony. She assured him as a young girl that she would find the one! Let me tell you she did! But first, I must explain that Peter Parker came from Danielle's adoring second grade students and so far is not his legal name. The couple invited her students and their families to come to the church to see them get married. Those seven and eight year olds were very excited to see her and get pictures taken with her.

Danielle, shared with her students that she was going to be getting married to Parker. In just a few short seconds the students spiraled to Peter Parker and have been calling him Peter ever since. I think it should stick!

Now to tell you about this literal super hero. I arrived on wedding day to see Danielle beaming from ear to ear. (And it didn't stop all day!) Danielle was the happiest bride who never stopped smiling. Quickly, I learned that Peter Parker was ill and it was not by his own doing. He had contracted a stomach bug and was actively sick most of the morning. Some how, some way this guy got dressed, played a moment of ping pong and threw back some Imodium. Poor guy was dehydrated and feeling nauseous all day. But he had his game face and was willing to make the best of it.

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