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Back to School | Kindergarten Style

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Back to School photo sessions did not happen in front of Lake Forest Elementary, here in Delaware, this year. Let me say three times: Kindergarten teachers are the very best. Our girl's Kindergarten teacher came by our house on Labor Day! A holiday! That teacher was hustling welcome packets to her newest batch of kiddos! I am already head over heels for this teacher.

School is definitely different this year so I let both kids choose what they wanted to do for their photos. We picked out an adorable yellow dress and red shoes and she chose the jacket! And then I snapped two pictures of my girl smiling. The rest unfolded and is exactly captures my girl.

Sessions with me are about fun and smiles and everything in between. Cartwheels, jumping, skipping, and a few funny faces are what life is about. Especially when you are F I V E!

I want to remember those tiny energetic feet forever!

This blanket was not a part of my plan. I was using to lay on the ground since I am allergic to grass. Following the kids lead will always be my goal at sessions! Even with my own kids!

Usually I would remove the band aide. However, earlier today she was climbing a tree in our yard and got a small scrape. That band aide will always remind me of her adventure up in the tree where she told me she could "see America!"

Do you see her little teeth?

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