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Rules for Bridal Portraits at Different Locations | The Crossing | Lewes, Delaware | Sarah & Dawson

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Yes! You can definitely choose to do your bridal portraits at a separate location from your ceremony. I always encourage couples (and families) to choose a place that is important to them. After all, these pictures will be hung around your home for all of the years. Now, the most important part is the logistics.

RULE # 1. The location needs to be close OR on the way to the reception venue. I suggest 5 miles or less. You don't want to spend your wedding day in traffic or driving all over town while your guests are anticipating your arrival. With Sarah and Dawson getting married in prime beach season, they had to take summer beach traffic into account as a high priority for their location. We all knew that crossing a large busy highway might take much longer than we would hope on their wedding day. First we checked the public water front.

RULE #2. Do not take everyone with you! The thing that takes the most time on wedding day is moving groups of people. Moving them from the ceremony to the reception. Moving them from the church to the photo spot. Moving them from cocktail hour to their seats. It all take more time than you think. Someone always seems to get lost or end up running a quick errand. And yes, some of those "errands" have been a bar. Taking one car to one location alleviates people getting lost.

Rule #3 Have a driver.* By driver, I mean someone assigned to this task specifically. They will have their keys and be ready to get you to this location. Being "ready" includes knowing where they are going, having the car cooled off (or heated in the winter) for you. When you hop into this car, it will likely be your first few moments together as husband and wife, so don't be giving the directions. Your driver, should see it as their personal mission to accomplish this task for you on your wedding day. *If you are going to use a family member, or guest, it is often best to have someone that is NOT in your bridal party.

RULE #4. Get permission. Unless the place that you choose is public, get permission to use the location. This gorgeous barn was super close and just across the street. It "Private Property signs" posted. Don't get me wrong people LOVE couples on their wedding day! I have seen traffic come to a screeching halt to yell congratulations, but you do not need anyone upset with you on your wedding day. I contacted the commercial owner of this property and asked for permission. Gratefully they were thrilled to host this couple.

Now, more photos from Sarah and Dawson's wedding day.

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