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Mommy & Me | Twin Edition | Magnolia, Delaware

This Magnolia, Delaware backyard session with Shannon Ritter Photography, showcased the two different personalities of these twins. I have worked with this family before. The time before I noticed one kiddo was more outgoing and the other one would quickly follow suit! This is one of mom's favorite photos! I also think that all moms can identify with the photo.

I love this photo because it is worth it to allow your kids to be 100% authentically themselves! Let them run and be kids! Laughs and all of the smiles will follow. They will also hug and love on you. I will prompt them based on their age (I was a former teacher so I know what kids can do) for silly games.

As a mom, I also know that you are always taking pictures of your kids! Always. However, we aren't in most of those photos. (I find that when I am in pictures it is after an all day hike, day at the beach, or while I am sweaty.) Getting dressed up and being photographed with your kiddos is the best thing you can do for all that you pour into your babies. Promise.

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