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Historic Odessa Garden Wedding | Allie & Adam | Summer 2021

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Historic Odessa's garden wedding, with Historic Odessa's Bank reception, hosted Allie & Adam's intimate wedding day. The Historic Pump House, the grounds of the Corbit-Sharp House, and the Wilson-Warner Stone Barn made for stunning formal wedding portraits. It was supposed to start raining just about the time their wedding ceremony would start. We kept checking the Dark Sky app for updates. Everytime we checked, it updated us that the rain would start 20 minutes later. The next time we checked it too said rain in 20 minutes. Each update said rain starting in 20 minutes. Allie and Adam were able to get married outside, do all of the family formal photos, as well as their formal bridal portraits. They even got to have outdoor photos with all of their friends after dinner was served.

Alexis' dad walked her from the bridal suite through the gardens and down the brick walkway to her awaiting groom. The grooms smile was one not to be forgotten.

Above: The parents of the groom were celebrating 27 years of marriage in August as well. The grooms dad spoke about how they would both share the same anniversary month.

Below: Grooms parents watching as their son marries their future daughter.

Immediately following Alexis and Adam's nuptials, they did family portraits with both sides of their families. They then had plenty of time to wonder the grounds of the 72 acre property with endless options for photos. On site coordination was very helpful in answering questions and showing myself and my second photographer around the extensive property. They were able to have portraits done in the colonial revival garden, in front of The Barn, at the back of the National Register Wilson-Warner House, along the water, and on the cobble stone outside of the Wood Pump house.

bride and groom walking across the crosswalk in the historic downtown Odessa. Grandpa can be seen on the far right holding his camera.
Heading to celebrate their nuptials with family. Notice grandpa carefully documenting their day.
Bride's friend is standing before family and friends reading from a notebook where she wrote and made edits. Four entire lines are scirbbled out on the notebook's page.
Bride's dear friend spoke words of encouragement over the new marriage.

Both dads toasted the bride and groom in the Bank reception. Still no rain was falling!

At the end of the night Adam spoke to his family and friends. He thanked them for coming and sharing in their special day. Then he spoke to his wife, "Life is honestly so crazy. It’s the culmination the all these micro decisions and little moments that add up to this entire beautiful story. I cant wait to make more little decisions along side you every day for the rest of our lives."

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