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Greenville Country Club Wilmington, Delaware

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Delaware's Greenville Country Club nestled in Wilmington, Delaware was the venue I photographed a wedding along side Devin of Anchor and Veil Photography! What an honor. Anchor and Veil Photography was named one of the Top 30 Wedding Photographers in the WORLD and I got to photograph a wedding with him!

Greenville Country Club wedding photographer outdoor delaware wedding venue

Devin contacted me to photograph a Wilmington, Delaware wedding with him and truthfully I thought it was a joke. Choosing The Anchored School, where I met Devin, was a no brainer! Even better was being able to get to know him and his wife.

This is proof that it was not a joke! I learned so much walking along with him during this wedding! It was definitely eye opening and I am so grateful!

Thank you Devin for being a great teacher, a leader in the industry, and inviting me along!

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