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Figure Eight Barn - Wedding Venue Delaware State Park

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

The Figure Eight Barn, located inside Delaware State Parks in Wilmington, Delaware was the beautiful venue for this fall wedding. It was the perfect backdrop for my favorite wedding dress of 2019! This dress took my breath away several times throughout the day and gave her bridal portraits an extra flair.

Figure eight barn Delaware State Parks Wedding Shoe Game

The "shoe game" allows your guests to laugh along with you while they learn about your life together leading up to your wedding day. Questions include "Who made the first move? Who is better with money? Who is neater?"

Delaware state park wedding Figure Eight Barn shannon Ritter Photography

cake cutting figure eight barn delaware state parks shannon ritter weddings

groom reading vows bride tearing delaware state park weddings

bride and groom outdoor ceremony at figure eight barn

figure eight barn wilmington wedding proud of his handwritten vows outdoor wedding

Bellevue Hall wilmington wedding portraits

bellevue wedding portraits delaware state parks wilmington photographer

This couple was up for anything when it came to their portraits! She twirled with her dress, had a moment of smiles while resting her feet, and cuddled with her new husband.

figure eight barn Bellevue state park wilmington Delaware shannon ritter Photography

delaware bridal party portraits candid figure eight barn

The Figure Eight Barn has 32,000 indoor square feet of space allowing for seemingly endless guests. This large venue is perfect for those looking for an outdoor wedding with a seamless backup plan with an indoor space. The Figure Eight Barn can be set up for your reception while having another dedicated space for your ceremony. The 241 acre park also has unlimited outdoor spaces for bridal portraits. What was formerly the DuPont's indoor equestrian area is now a beautiful wedding venue with rustic charm.

Figure Eight Barn contact information.

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