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Do you have a living grandparent? Great grandparent? | Delaware Family Photographer

Updated: May 28, 2021

Magnolia, Delaware hosted four generations with a gift for an extended family photography session with Shannon Ritter Photography.

If you are blessed to have living grandparents, schedule a family session sooner rather than later. Lifestyle (documentary) photography of your family reunion, a walk in a park, or like this one in front of their home. There are no better pictures than those of your family enjoying the company of each other! Treasures that will be enjoyed for years and generations to come.

Holidays are typically when relatives get together and hire professional photographers for portraits. Please remember that holidays are booked months in advance and fill quickly!

The youngest girl is actually the sixth child in her family. She came after her F I V E brothers! What a spunky little blessing she is!

I treasure the pictures that I have with my grandmothers when I was her age! I hope that she too appreciates this gem.

You will also notice in these photos that their outfits are not all the same but coordinate well with each other! When you book a session, I send you a guide to help you choose outfits that compliment each other. I also am available to help answer questions as you get things together! When I arrived, I could tell that they used the guide to style their outfits. Great styling!

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